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School Policies » Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy

Acceptable Dress Code Schedule:
Shirt - A plain, clean ROYAL BLUE or GOLD polo shirt MUST be worn
 Shorts / Skirts / Skorts / Capri’s / Jumpers – Navy blue bottoms ONLY with no holes or designs. No jeans, Khaki, sweatpants, jogger’s sweatpants, basketball shorts, pajamas pants are NOT allowed.  No"sagging" will be tolerated.
Our BOB CAT SPIRIT T-SHIRT may be worn, if spirit shirt is not worn, the Blue or Gold polo MUST be worn.
Names MUST be written on all items of removable clothing, i.e. sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets. If jackets are left, they will be donated to local charities. 
-Please see attached uniform policy for more uniform guidelines-
What happens if a student is in violation of the dress code?
When a Student chooses not to wear the proper uniform, the parent/guardian will be notified through a written warning and a telephone call home. If the Student is dressed in inappropriate attire, i.e. opened toed shoes, clothes baring midriff or cleavage, pants that are below the waist or excessively tight clothing, the Student will be sent to the office and the parents/guardians will be notified to bring the appropriate uniform. If the problem continues, a meeting with the principal will be required to discuss the issue, and dismissal from Pathways to College will be considered. If you cannot obtain a uniform due to financial difficulty, please contact the school office; likewise, if you are in a position to be able to provide a uniform for a Student who needs one, please contact the office at 760-949- 8002. 
Thank you for your continued support!