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After School Coding Club

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Coding Club

What is a coding club?  A coding club is a group of students who get together to learn how to do computer animation coding, using a website called

When:  When does the coding club meet each week?  The coding club meets every Tuesday after school until 4:15 in Mrs. Houk’s classroom 9.

Who:  Who can be part of the coding club?  Any student from second grade up to eighth grade.

Requirements to attend Coding Club:  You must be passing your classes and not have any behavior problems.

Extra Exciting news:  This year Mrs. Houk signed up on and requested the funding to buy robots called Dash and Dot from  In October the project was funded and we received our Dash and Dot robots.  We are going to be using these robots to compete in completing assignments from and try to win some more computer robotic supplies for the school.


If you are interested in signing up to be apart of PTC Coding Club, please contact Mrs. Houk at the information to the left.


Thank you for your interest and support!