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Mr. Irving Sosa » A New School Year !

A New School Year !

Hello Pathways to College Parents! 
  Welcome to a new school year filled with many fun ways to learn. My name is Mr.Sosa, I have been here at Pathways to College now for three years. I am enjoying my time here. Working in the TLC/CRC departments has given me a new look on teaching. I love working with all kids. I believe that teaching should be fun. Teachers need to help students have that "AHA" moment. Before coming to Pathways to College, I used to work at Phoenix Academy in Apple Valley Ca. There is where I was inspired by many wonderful educators to pursue a career in education.
 I am currently in school, I am working on my bachelors degree. I will be attending CSUSB!  My dream is to hopefully soon be able to teach, and help kids achieve their goals!
  Here at Pathways to college I also teach English classes for parents. These classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday.