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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy


Pathways to College is a full-day seat-time program, therefore students are required to attend school every day school is in session.  Students need to be in school and on time every day. Whenever possible, medical appointments should be scheduled after school.  If for some reason the medical appointment has to be scheduled during school hours, the student should come to school before and after the scheduled appointment.  In the event that your student will need to miss school for an extended period of time, or becomes ill or hospitalized, we ask that you notify the attendance office as soon as possible.


Excused Absences

 All children are required by law to attend school unless:

  • The child is ill (Child has a contagious disease, a temperature over 100 degrees, symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, chronic illness or other conditions with written orders from a doctor to stay home.)
  • The child has a medical appointment
  • The child is attending the funeral of an immediate family member
  • The child is participating in an authorized religious activity


(CAL.ED.CODES: 46010, 46014, 18200, 48205, 48260, 48290.)


All absences are to be reported to the front office by phone call or walk in as soon as possible to avoid truancy from occurring.  Whenever your child misses school for a verifiable, excused reason you must provide supporting documentation.


Verification may include:


  • notes from doctors, dentists, or other medical professionals (on their letterhead)
  • funeral notices or other supportive documentation within 3 days of the absence.


If your child has an attendance problem (Absent and/or tardy at least 10 percent of the school year) absences will only be excused upon receiving a note from the child’s dentist and/or medical physician.

It is our School’s policy that 3 tardies and/or 3 early sign-outs are equivalent to one absence.


Unexcused Absences


First Offense - After 3 unexcused absences and/or tardies from school within a 30 day period of in-session school days, your child will be given a First Attendance Warning Letter.


Second Offense – After 6 unexcused absences and/or tardies from school within one full quarter and/or semester your child will be given a Second Attendance Warning Letter and a meeting will take place in person between the parent/guardian and school administration.


Third Offense – Once your child has accrued more than 10 unexcused absences and/or tardies from school your child will be given a Third Attendance Warning Letter, which will also be sent to the District Attorney’s Office of Truancy along with a copy of your child’s Attendance Record in compliance with California Law. 


(If your child is receiving benefits from Cal-Works during the time in which a Third Warning is given, the Cal-Works Office will also be notified of your child’s attendance problem which may lead to a reduction and/or loss of benefits.)


Fourth Offense – After your child has missed 10 percent or more of the days he or she has been enrolled in school or is a chronic absentee, a final Attendance Warning letter will be issued to your child.  The copy of this letter and your child’s attendance record will also be sent to the District Attorney’s Office of Truancy in compliance with California Law.


(Please Note: This is a fourth and final attendance warning.  If attendance does not improve at this point your child will be subject to dismissal.)


Letter of Dismissal – After all avenues of resolution have been exhausted and attendance continues to be a problem, a dismissal letter will be issued to the parent/guardian and your child will be dis-enrolled from our program.  A complete copy of your child’s attendance record will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office of Truancy.





School begins at 8:00 am every day that school is in session. Students who arrive to school any time after 8:00 am are considered tardy, which is reflected in their attendance record. There is no longer a seven – ten minute grace period, therefore, it is important to make sure that your child gets to school every day by 8:00 am.  If your child is more than 15 minutes late for school it is required for you to sign your child in at the parent/student office.  This procedure has been implemented to ensure the safety of your child as well as the accuracy of our school attendance records.


Please note:  Students are not permitted to bring the sign-in/out form to your car. Parents/Guardians must physically come into the office and sign their student in/out.


Ways to help your student avoid excessive tardiness include:


  • Pre-planning transportation arrangements (if your family does not own a vehicle or is currently struggling with vehicle problems)
  • Prepare lunch the night before if your student is not receiving free or reduced lunch.
  • Leave your house with enough time to be 15 minutes early every day.


When emergencies do occur and tardiness is unavoidable please always remember to:


  • Contact the school as soon as possible to inform a staff member that your student is going to be late.
  • Remind your student to check into the front office first before going to straight to class. (If your student is more than 15 minutes late for school it is required for a parent/guardian to come in to the front office and sign him or her in.)
  • Make sure your student brings in supporting documentation to excuse the tardy if available. (notes from dentists, doctors or parents/guardians) These tardies are not counted against your child.


Early Sign-out


Just as tardiness can interrupt important instructional time, so can habitual early sign-outs. We encourage parents to try scheduling medical or dental appointments for minimum days or after school hours.  If work hours are conflicting with school hours ask our office staff about our

After School Program.


Students who must leave early are only permitted to be signed out by authorized adults who appear on the student’s emergency contact form with proof of identification. Parents/Guardians are NOT permitted to pick their child up from the classroom.  An office staff member will retrieve the student for you.


Make-up Work Policy


Following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to request any missed assignments upon returning back to school.  Students have 3 days to complete the missing assignments.  Consideration will be given for unexpectedly lengthy absences.


Please be advised Pathways to College is not an independent Study School.  If you should have an emergency which will require your child to miss more than 3 days of school, please see Attendance Administration as soon as possible.



Perfect Attendance Awards


Perfect attendance certificates and other rewards of recognition are awarded to those students who qualify for such at the end of each quarter and/or semester.  A student may qualify for perfect attendance upon the following conditions:


  • The student has not been absent at all in the duration of the quarter and/or semester.
  • The student has no more than 3 unexcused tardies

Excused tardies are not counted against a student.  Excused Meaning: Medical and/or dental appointment with supporting written documentation to excuse the tardy.


  • The student has not been picked up early, unless the student had a scheduled medical appointment, more than 3 times.