Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Dear Parents, Staff, and Friends of PTC,
At the end of this academic year, there is so much to celebrate! We have had tremendous success with the implementation of our PBIS strategies. Suspensions and behavior referrals are way down, and as a result, the school is so much calmer. Thank you all for your contributions. Everything we say and do has an impact.
We are now planning for the new school year, and we have collected many ideas from parents and staff to enhance our educational program. We will continue with PBIS and are looking to include additional programs and supports in our offerings. You will find in this survey a series of questions regarding potential budget items that will help us to create the LCAP. As you will remember, the LCAP is a plan that details expenditures to meet student needs. 
It is now your turn to provide input as to which of these potential budget items should be funded. There is no guarantee that all of the top priorities can be funded; we still have financial limitations imposed by the state and a lack of adequate funding. However, we will do our best to ensure that the majority of considerations are funded.
Please find the Local Control and Accountability Plan below. Please provide written feedback to [email protected]
Craig C. Merrill
Principal/Executive Director 
Local Control Accountability Plans
Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant Plan 2021
ESSER III Expenditure Plan
Educator Effectiveness Grant