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Dear Pathways to College K8 Parents/Guardians and Students:

It is with great anticipation that we open the new school year on August 4, 2022. Our theme this past year was “Ready to Sail.” We were not only ready to sail, but in fact sailed forth to great acclaim! Results from various measures demonstrate marked improvements in both English language arts and math for all students in all grades. Keep an eye out for achievement data that will be reported at PTC Board Meetings, various parent meetings, in the parent newsletter and through special announcements.
As we prepare for the new school year, we will focus on three complex goals which I share below with you:
  1. Develop and implement a schoolwide Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) utilizing multiple forms of data to identify the academic, social-emotional and/or behavioral needs of our students; inform instructional decisions; to improve academic outcomes for all students (schoolwide & student groups). Utilize data to support professional learning for all educators, paraprofessionals and Leadership Team.
  2. Continue to develop and implement a comprehensive, coherently focused, schoolwide Professional Development Plan that supports all teachers to improve the quality and delivery of a standards-aligned and rigorous instructional program, that includes differentiation to address the diverse learning needs of all students (English Learners, Students with Disabilities), and that engages all learners in order to close the achievement gap among all student groups.
  3. Engage parents, families, and members of the community as partners through communication and education to support student academic achievement and provide a safe, supportive, inclusive, and positive learning environment.

These goals come directly from the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which was approved in June of this year and will be explained in detail at parent meetings held throughout the fall, one goal per month. In short, we will be supporting 1) students, 2) staff, and 3) parents using a wide selection of proven strategies as encapsulated in these three goals. 

Moreover, we continue with our building project. We anticipate breaking ground this fall and hope you will join us for this grand event. More news is forthcoming. Be on the lookout for information contained in newsletters and shared at board meetings.

Please remember that I have an open-door policy. I am always ready, willing and able to meet with you to celebrate your children’s’ success, discuss any concerns you may have or plan for a better future.

Join us as we set sail this year for an adventure in learning!

Craig C. Merrill 
Principal / Executive Director
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