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Governing Board

Alexis Magnesi, President
Salle Bayer-Carney, Vice President
Angela Mgbeke, Secretary/Treasurer
Pathways to College Governing Board: Vacant Seats
Interested in becoming a board member or know somebody who may be perfect for the position? Pathways to College Governing Board currently has vacancies. Visit today to apply!

*Updates in Progress*


Crosswalk: Hesperia Experiential Learning Pathways 501 (c) 3


Pathways to College K – 8

P.O. Box 401448

Hesperia, CA  92340

(760) 949-8002


Public Comment Period - Conflict of Interest Code
By board authorization, the Pathways to College K8 conflict of interest code has been amended and is posted here for public comment. Please review the file for instructions to submit a public comment. The comment period will close on June 5, 2021.